Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Have a Winner

As Sunday evening drew to a conclusion, so did the Superbowl of bass fishing. With all the fish caught and the way ins finally over there was nothing left to do Sunday night, but crown Skeet Reese the 2009 Bass Master Classic Tournament Champion. This is the biggest accomplishment of his young fishing career and it is certain to send his career into another level.

The Classic was held on the Red River, a river in Shreveport-Bossier City, La., and was a three day fishing event. The classic allows each angler to catch an unlimited amount of bass, but only keep the 5 largest. After each day the five fish the angler catches will be weighed and judging by the weights anglers will be ranked. Keep in mind that all of these fish are kept alive during this process, thus preserving the lives of the fish caught during the classic. After the first two days the field is cut from 51 anglers to 25. During these three days Skeet Reese led nearly the whole way. Winning this Classic gave Skeet a hefty $500,000 check, and many sponsorships are sure to follow.

Another notable finish in the Classic is "bass fishing's personality", Mike Iaconelli. Mike is well renowned around fishing for his crazy personality. He is known for break dancing in his boat after catching big fish, screaming at the top of his lungs for no reason at all, and just being an all around prankster. The New Jersey born fisherman finished second in the classic falling short of Reese by a pound and some change.

By beating out Iaconelli and 49 other anglers, Reese cemented himself into the historic name of anglers to win a Classic. You have to tip your hat to him for the kind of week he put up on the water. It was an eventful and intense classic. Congratulations Skeet Reese!


  1. If this triggered a fishing fever in any of you, we are catching some really good bass in Central Florida right now. Check out http://www.bassfishingguide.com or http://www.bassinthenet.blogspot.com to see what's going on.

    Capt Dick

  2. Oh my God! I watched that too and my husband made me watch the part again of Mike Laconelli as he was catching that last fish and how excited he got. It was hilarious and my husband wishes that Mike would've won it and says that last hour was the most exciting fishing he's ever seen.

  3. wow! You can make a half a million dollars by fishing! Although I am pretty impressed by him being able to break dance in his boat.lol.