Sunday, February 15, 2009

Specs again!

When I woke up this morning I wasn't slipping and sliding across my yard trying to get to my truck, I wasn't praying my heat would come on, and I wasn't hoping that my fingers wouldn't lose feeling, but I was burning up, turning my air to max a/c, and thinking about how dang hot it has gotten so quick. Although alot of things have changed since that post one thing remains the same: It is a post about me going out and catching alot of specs. With my girlfriend occupied Friday night I did'nt hesitate to take advantage of the free fishing time! I called up my buddy and we hit up the same exact spec hole we had been to in my previous post.

Okay! So say whatever you want. I know my earlier post said: The Colder the Better, talking about going out and catching specs. Well maybe, just maybe, that post wasn't entirely true. I went out this Friday evening, fishing the same exact way, to be precise everything was exactly the same. Everything that is, except the weather. The air temperature was at least an easy 35 degree warmer. Much like last time we rolled through the lake and just tore the fish up. Which got me thinking was the fishing really better in the cold? I tried to gain some more information on spec fishing and i visited this site: I came to the realization that maybe colder wasn't better.

The last time I went spec fishing it was cold. The last time I hooked a minnow through the eye, it was cold. The last time i waited to catch the allusive spec, it was cold. The last time I caught a spec, it was cold. When i went out this Friday, and absolutely tore the specs up, it was hot!

So I know what your thinking. The author of this blog is just like every other nut that goes fishing: a habitual liar who finds telling the truth about a fishing adventure to be a near death experience. That's not me, I honestly thought: colder was better! But if you do believe that all fisherman are liars you are not alone. In the book, "Till Fish Do Us Part", Beatrice cook makes a comical, but yet harsh comparison of fisherman, all the while exposing their need to lie:

All fishermen are liars; it's an occupational disease with them like housemaid's knee or editor's ulcer


  1. I know what you mean. We always caught more fish in warm weather. I went fishing mostly with my grandfather who passed away 9 years ago, but it was always fun. We would fish from 5:30 in the morning until 4-5 o'clock at night. And we used a cane pole to fish for Bluegill in the cat tails. I wish my husband and I could go fishing more like I did back then, but time just doesn't allow for it much anymore. The bad thing is my family owns 800 acres with two private lakes on it, and I never go fishing as much as I used to.

  2. Not only do the fish bite more, but you are more comfortable, in my opinion, fishing in warmer weather. I remember in Ft. Lauderdale, I would hear my neighbors leave at 5 AM every Saturday to leave for Lake Okeechobee. I went with them one time and it was a great time. I need to fish more often.

  3. In response to both comments, I too wish I had more time to fish! It just seems like there is not enough time in the days to go fishing. But in response to bizzle8874, your family owns 800 acres with two private lakes!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome!