Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bill Dance Blooper

A blog I often follow is written by the professional bass fisherman Bill Dance. Bill Dance started his career bouncing from lake to lake every weekend doing a variety of fishing tournaments. He began to become a big figure in the fishing world with his non-stop winning on the tournament waters. The only thing that was bigger than his list of wins was his personality. Between a lengthy resume of fishing experience and an outgoing personality it was only a matter of time before this fisherman went big time.

He became more than just a professional angler when he was given his own show: Bill Dance Outdoors. It aired on the early weekend mornings and believe me there weren't too many of those episodes I missed. Bill is most famously known for his Tennessee ball cap. He has never filmed a show without wearing this cap! In recent months, I have been following his blog and I find it quite enjoyable. If you would like to view his site or read his blog just click on the link provided:

If fishing is not your interest, or you are not interested in reading a blog by Bill Dance, hold on one second. Upon browsing YouTube today, I found something that made me laugh historically. You don't have to be a fan of fishing to enjoy this blooper video, and it is provided by none other than Bill Dance. So if your in for a good laugh visit:

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