Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Piece of Equipment

This past week I have find myself living the day dream I have been dozing off to for the past few months. No work, no school, spring break is here! I headed out to our river house last Thursday and have been enjoying every day of my spring break down here on the water. The first day I took the boat out I noticed I had a rather large problem: my lowrance fish finder was not functioning right. Although these little "box looking" things on the console of a boat might not look like a big deal, they can save a trip if you know how to use one.

With a Lowrance fish finder not operating I had no choice, but to head in and call the fishing trip a day. I fiddled around with the fuses, hoping that it was only a blown fuse that had caused the problem. The proved to be no help, as did checking the charge of the battery. Everything was fine and dandy,except for the Lowrance itself. Our boat is a 2007 model and it is rather frustrating to have techinical problems like this, but as my grandfather says: "boats are nothing more than a pit in the water that you toss money into".

We headed down to T.A. Mahoneys, the best fishing store in the county, and began to look at new fishfinders. We wound up getting the new HummingBird 788CI Combo fishfinder to install on our boat. It is best to purchase your equipment from a place like T.A.'s because they will also install it for you free of charge.

After hearing my story of the new fishfinder, you might wonder what is the importance of a fishfinder, why don't you just use your eyes to find the fish. In boating today, the term "fish finder" means so much more than just finding the fish. Fishfinders today not only tell you were fish are, but also let you know water depth so you don't run aground, give you a map of the coast that you are on, and most importantly give you your gps positions.

The Tampa Bay waters are filled with many sandbars and low spots, so having a fish finder that give you the depth is a must when boating in Tampa Bay. Along with knowing the depth it is also crucial to know your location. This is where the GPS these fishfinders have becomes crucial. We are all aware of the tradgic events that happened only weeks ago to the four men at sea. This event alone should let you know the importance of a good GPS. So when it comes down to it, the actual fish finder is the least important thing on a fishfinder. It is all the other little tools that make this gadget a must have when boating or fishing.


  1. Nice toy. I like getting new things when it's not the Christmas holidays. Especially if you have it shipped. It arrives at your door in a box, and it feels like Christmas, but with crappy, I mean, no wrapping paper.

    Hope you find some good fishing holes!

  2. I know nothing about fishing and I had no idea there was a such thing as a 'fish finder.' Seems pretty cool it's like a radar detector but instead of warning you to slow down it excites you? I'm glad you explained that it does more than just find fish, because honestly as I was reading I was like wow that is a totally ridiculous gadget, I would just use my eyes, as you said. Then again fishing scares me and I always get my line stuck on something and I give up.

  3. So tis fish finder is more or less an advanced navigation system by telling you where you are, how deep the water is, and finds fish. That is a pretty nice piece of equipment.

  4. I'm glad that you called it a day when your equipment failed. In such a monument-less landscape as the ocean, there is no way to describe your location. It's a shame that the boat owner in the tragic accident never got the GPS equipment he had planned. When planning a vacation or weekend getaway, we rarely think about the things that may go wrong, or plan a course of action should things go awry.