Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting Hooked

Whether it be floating around aimlessly in a small boat in a foreign lake, bobbing up in down like a cork in the massive ocean, or even wandering aimlessly down some shore line with a rod in your hand, fishing in general is no easy task. For those of us who spend many hours out on the water chasing these allusive creatures we call fish, many of our trips go from extravagant fishing adventures to mere boating tails. The aspirations of catching fish are nearly as old as the world we walk upon. Fishing has been not only a necessity of life for many years, but also a desired skill by many inhabitants in the days before us. It has much evolved since it's beginning, and has turned to a much more recreational activity, some prefer to call it a "sport". Whatever terminology one may use, or for whatever reason one may fish, all anglers hit the water with one main goal: TO CATCH FISH!!!

When asked about fishing, Samuel Johnson, an English poet, uttered the simple phrase:
"A fishing pole is a stick with a hook at one end and a fool on the other."
This quote fits myself sufficiently well. Born and raised in the beautiful waters of Key West, Florida, fishing has been away of life. The first pole I received was covered in snoopy photos, and I practically slept with the thing. Much like my snoopy pole has evolved into a more tactical pole, my fishing skills have also evolved.
The waters of the Florida Keys began to be as familiar as my back hand. This luxury all came crashing down on me, like a wave crashing upon shore at day break. The fisherman's dream I lived in the Keys was gone..... We moved to the Tampa Bay area. I wasted no time in wetting some lines in the Tampa Bay waters. For it is the first rule of fishing: without much time and effort one will nearly have to wish on the mere chance of luck to have that big one bite your line.
I have been fishing these waters of the Tampa area (both salt and fresh) for many years now, and have grown accustomed to the change. Between my previous experience and the experience I am still gaining ( due to my fishing nearly daily) this blog will be useful tool for those fisherman who do not have the time to spend looking for the fish. It is tough to enjoy a "great" day of fishing when you only get to go once every two weeks. So between my hot spot tips, fishing updates, helpful hints, weather updates, fish recipes, rules and regulations, and even the occasional tidbit of history, it is certain that not you, but also the fish you are after will be getting hooked!


  1. I love this entry about fishing. I have fished my whole life and I agree that people have fished since the beginning of time. You lived in the Keys? It is so beautiful there. But back to the topic at hand, I agree that everyone has different reasons for going fishing and different ways of going about fishing. So I think you're going to have a great topic to write about. Are you going to try out different lures and talk about how well they work? Or just types of fish or what?

  2. Thank you for the post, and the support of my topic. Yes, i did indeed live in the Florida Keys, and it was actually quiet hard to leave! I also like your question about the "lure talk". That idea had not crossed my mind, but looking at in now that would be a great idea to blog about. So I do believe that I will blog about lures occasionally. Thank you for the comment, and the helpful input.